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Your Clear Packaging Choice
By Mr CM Yeung/Managing Director, The Hip Lik Group  

While out shopping for gifts and possibly something, do you notice some distinct patterns in which items are catching your attention and appealing to you?  For instance, on the shelves in the personal care and cosmetics area, sometimes in the free-standing clear packaging with a blister tray and sometimes in the soft crease clear folding boxes and standard tuck, easy to open plastic folding boxes, are the elegantly presented items singing to you to further examine them. The offset and silkscreen printing and the diverse special effects sent an enticing signal to pick them up and give a much closer look. And because of the clear packaging, you can actually take that closer look. There are brands that are easily recognised as well as unfamiliar brands, but they each equally attract our interests with their sometimes subtle and sometimes bold, yet effective message of “there´s something quite wonderful inside here”. The invitation to further consider the item is irresistible.  

Inherent Flexibility

Let’s close your eyes and visualize using clear packaging for your products.  It not only provides clear view of your products, but also enables you to create just the type of packaging to meet your budget and design needs while optimally showcasing your product quality.   

A clear package can be created from standard or custom components.  There are various choices. Will you be thinking of using a clear plastic folding box? a tube? or a drum packaging?  All of them can house a wide range of consumer or industrial products and can be custom-moulded beyond the packaging function to serve in a variety of retail displays.  A clear packaging can provide the high quality packaging demanded by the fashion and cosmetics industries, as well as the safe packaging of all types of foodstuffs including chocolates.  Then the attraction of your product quality can be enhanced by visually appealing print images through silkscreen printing and flexo-printing as well as embossing, hot and cold foil stamping, matte or gloss coatings and outstanding metallic iridescent and pearlescent finishes.  

If you want to save your packaging time, soft crease plastic folding boxes with auto-bottom feature will be an ideal arrangement.

As compared to plastic boxes with hard creases, the soft creased plastic boxes can fold cleanly, maintain a crisp shape, are more durable, and provide superior performance in both hand-fill and automated high-speed filling applications.  For hand-fill applications only, the auto-bottom feature can help you set up quickly and easily by hand.  And importantly the very nature of the collapsible, clear plastic packaging also gives the added advantage of being lightweight to save on transport costs.  

How about the sustainability?  Undoubtedly there are needs for strong environmental management procedures for producers particularly the consumer goods and the package.  Probably the clear packaging companies are more sensitive to this than many other industries because they have been the focus of so many environmental campaigns.  

In the clear packaging industry, a number of plastic packaging materials, including APET, RPET and PP which are more environmentally friendly, are biodegradable and are earning the “green” stamp of approval. In some clear packaging companies, their RPET are even made with 30%-35% post consumer recycled content.  All of the developments demonstrate the sustainability perspective of the clear packaging industry.  This is an encouragement to the industry and to the producers!   

Everyone comes out as a winner

Clear plastic box presents an ideal solution to product’s packaging.  While the consumers feel good about the items with colourful and unique presentations, there is also the added bonus of knowing exactly what the product is and that its packaging is not a severe detriment to the environment.  As we can see the trend of the increased use of clear packaging, the future promise to be exciting, as the market benefits tremendously from the many advantages that clear packaging can offer in terms of environmentally friendly protection of the products, true assembly line viability and unique packaging that persuasively magnifies brands and inspires the consumer at the point of sale.     

News from HLP Packaging: HLP Packaging acquires Klearfold® from MeadWestvaco and changes corporate identity to HLP Klearfold. More details will be provided in next issue.

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