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Klearfold® Clear Plastic Folding Cartons

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Klearfold folding cartons create strong clear/transparent impressions and are the ultimate way to showcase your products. They are available in a wide variety of materials and can be decorated to create just the right look using offset, flexo or silkscreen printing, plus a variety of special effects.

We are the world leader in radio frequency (RF), or Soft Crease® scoring. As compared to plastic cartons with hard or perforated creases, our Soft Crease® fold cleanly, maintain a crisp shape, are more durable, and provide superior performance in both hand-fill and automated high-speed filling applications. We are unique in our ability to soft crease environmentally-preferred APET and RPET box-grade plastics.

For hand-fill applications, nothing beats our soft creased, auto-bottom cartons. They are set up quickly and easily by hand, and our time and motion studies have shown significant labor cost savings, up to 30%, as compared with standard tuck cartons.

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