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Klearfold® Keeper


Klearfold Keeper is a unique, patent-pending, packaging system that combines printed plastic sleeves and vacuum-formed trays (fold-over or standard) to produce a distinctive and secure visual packaging system. It is cost-effective to use, providing both material and labor-saving benefits.

Klearfold Keeper's vac-trays are molded to conform to the shape of a product, holding it firmly in place and protecting it from damage during distribution. It provides easy and efficient loading... product is inserted into the tray, and the sub-assembly slides into the sleeve from either end. In-folded tabs on the sleeves engage the vac-form's flange, locking the two components securely together. The tabs are in-line with the sleeve's crease, which significantly increases their strength; and they engage the flange, which is the stiffest part of the vac-tray. These features combine to produce very secure locks, and without the need for wafer seals, or sonic, RF or heat sealing.

The unique locking action of the scored tabs offers endless shapes and design profiles, including Cat's eye, oval, rounds, squares, rectangles, etc. Structures can have curved panels, straight panels or both, and can be designed as top or side-load.

A thumb-notch perforation in a corner provides a unique, easy-opening feature. Removing the thumb-notch also removes the lock, allowing the tray to be easily disengaged from the sleeve. Since the sleeve remains otherwise intact, the tray can be returned to the sleeve for multiple-use applications.

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